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Gold threads and silk threads

The weavings are made of gold threads, silver threads, bronze threads and natural silk threads from plants, made in France and Morocco.

Once woven by the artisans, I apply a natural and environmentally friendly product to the weave to make it more waterproof and stain-proof.


fils or.JPG
Bijoux golfilled, laiton doré, argent 925


For silver bracelets, the ties and chains are in 925 silver.

For flat gilded weaves, the fasteners are in brass gilded with fine 24 carat gold.

For the other golden bracelets and earrings, I chose to work with 14k gold filled. Gold filled is an American process that involves applying a thick layer of 14k gold, about 50 times greater than that applied to a gold-plated piece of jewelry. Much more resistant than a classic gold plated, gold filled gives jewelry a noble appearance and the aesthetic and hypoallergenic characteristics of gold, ensuring an unlimited duration in time under normal conditions of use.



I have always been fascinated by stones, their colors, their purity and the energies they give off.


All the stones are natural and come from the Ruppenthal house in Paris (except Zwarovski stones). F inement faceted, colors and sizes can vary slightly from one model to another.


Pierres précieuses naturelles

In your daily life



These jewels are made with meticulousness by the craftsmen and myself. Fine and delicate, it is a jewel that must therefore be handled with care. Here are some explanations and tips to keep your jewelry shine.

Once woven by the artisans, I apply a natural product that respects the environment to the weaves to make them more impermeable to water and stains. However, it is preferable to avoid contact with water and with hygiene and cosmetic products to maximize the shine of your jewelry.

Magnetic clasps are very powerful but not suitable for everyone. If you do not feel comfortable with the magnet, I advise you to opt for a more secure clasp: hook or wire with sliding bead.

Also, be sure to separate the magnet from your needle watch.

925 silver is a material that tends to oxidize slightly over time. It will then be necessary to clean them with lemon and a cloth to restore all its initial shine.

For more details, you can contact me by email in the Contact section


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